Friday, October 10, 2008

And then there was poop.

No, this isn't a post about poop per se, but more about how awesome my husband is.

Yesterday Mateo had a slight accident in the tub, and it surprised both him and me, but I think more me since he knows how he's feeling and I don't, and he really can't tell me unless I have an indication that something is going on and then ask, "Where does it hurt?"

After rushing Mateo out of the tub, cleaning him up and washing the towel I used to wrap him up and move him from the bathroom, I called my mom, who had a nice, big laugh about the whole thing and then told me not to write about it on my blog or Mateo's blog. Well, I am, but again, it's not so much about him pooping but about how great my husband is.

I have a horrible gag reflex. So much so that I was concerned, when I found out I was pregnant, about how I would be able to change super stinky diapers, deal with spit up and puke. Luckily it's turned out okay for everyone, except a few times when Mateo's thrown up and it smells like sour milk that has sat outside in the sun for a few days and has the consistency of cottage cheese.

Wait - don't leave just yet. I will get to how awesome a man my husband is, I promise.

When my husband finally came home (about 15 minutes after it happened, but I tell you, it felt like HOURS), I gave him the responsibility of watching the boy while I cleaned up the tub and the tub toys and everything else I felt was cootified.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" he asked me.

"No. I don't. But I'm a mom, and it's my duty. You need to spend some time with your boy, so I'll do this," I said. Looky me being so responsible and nice.

Who was I kidding?

I grabbed a zip lock storage bag, a small garbage bag, a container for the toys, and sat on the toilet next to the tub, peaking in and see what was left for me.

And then gagged, and gagged again, and again, and then I heard my husband say, "Just come in here; I'll clean it!"

And clean it he did. He basically treated the bathroom like a toxic waste dump and cleaned it from head to toe including washing the rugs and toilet seat cover. He started it before dinner and finished after dinner while I worked on homework. I was even able to block out all swearing at inanimate objects, something that usually puts me on edge.

I don't think the bathroom was a toxic waste dump, and it probably didn't need to be cleaned that well, it certainly doesn't hurt to have a bathroom nice and shiny, like it was just taken out of a box.

Thank goodness for bad gag reflexes.


Kmommy said...

LOL!!! Your husband IS awesome!! :) Too funny! I think I almost gagged reading about it ;) LOL!!

Momo Fali said...

My husband does this sort of thing for me, and I can't thank him enough. I have a horrible gag reflex too. I purposely waited to get pregnant for my second after my first was already potty trained...just so I wouldn't have to change a diaper.

Anonymous said...

Poop is no problem for me--it's the puke. And with five kids, if someone gets a pukey virus, it goes through everyone. (I make them share a cup or something to try to get it OVER WITH.) If my hubby will just rinse out the towels and sheets that were barfed on and put them in the wash, he has my undying gratitude! Any wonder we all get flu shots every year?