Sunday, November 02, 2008

A brief pause in my very busy weekend for some updates.

I'm really late on this one, but Kmommy over at The Poopie Patrol Boo-ed me Thursday, and since I've been busy with a lot of sitting around, taking the boy to Grandma's on Halloween to eat some M&M's, doing homework, worrying that I failed my last assignment (I didn't - got 88%! Go me!), working on side design-ish jobs my sis throws at me and I happily accept, playing with the boy, napping, I never got around to posting the graphic or Booing anyone else. Soooooo....You're all BOO-ED! Save it for next Halloween.

Highlights of this weekend include two things:

My sister left our large, plastic storage bin at my mom's house so we could pick it up on Halloween. My husband smartly placed the box of monsters in the container, hence making it easier to carry to the car. He put it on the ground behind our car so we could get Mateo strapped in. We hopped in, buckled up, said our goodbyes and then my husband began backing out of the drive way.


We both stopped and looked at each other. Hmm, we thought.

He began backing out again.


"What IS that?" I asked. I mean, come on, it's Halloween, did we just back up over a kid in a plastic costume....oh.....

"Damn it. It's the plastic container!" he replied.

He had left it behind the car and forgot to put it in the back. I just assumed he had done it because I was too busy talking about how fat I was.

Luckily the container only suffered minor injuries and is still useful, and doubly lucky, both monsters were left unharmed.

The other interesting thing that happened this weekend: I was feeding Mateo when I noticed someone had painted his index fingernail a lovely shade of salmon. I tried to get a picture of it, but the shade is pretty close to his normal nail shade and it can't be seen well.

So instead, I leave you with this handsome fellow, the light of my life, the person who keeps me going and keeps me slightly sane when he's not driving me crazy.

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