Monday, July 25, 2005

I've turned...

into a twitcher. I've been so tired lately while going to work and going home, it's inevitable that I'll fall into a deep sleep. As I've mentioned before, and as we're all aware of, people tend to twitch when they first start falling asleep. I do this when I'm really tired. It's getting rather embarrassing because I tend to jerk my arm around, wake myself up (but I keep my eyes closed for fear of looking like an idiot), then fall right back to sleep and do it again. I think I jerked my arm 4 times in a row going home on Friday.

Who knows who was watching me. I just keep my eyes closed until I fall under that veil called sleep again.

Maybe I should by that $100 "nap strap" for my arms. The more I look at this website, the more I realize what I fool I was to not come up with baseball cap + heavy elastic strap = $140 bucks. Darn, I've missed yet another calling in life. And to think, it's socially acceptable! Damn, damn, damn!

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