Thursday, July 21, 2005


Today, while at Embarcadero, the train was at the platform longer than normal. The BART operator actually opened and closed the doors a few times. I think the BART cops were walking the platform because of today's bombings in London (I think it's time to leave London alone, don't you?) so the operator wasn't sure when to leave.

Right as the doors closed for the last time, this lady comes running up the platform towards the front of the train. When the doors close, the train generally starts moving a few seconds later. There isn't much of a delay. So, on cue, the train started moving forward while this lady was running to the front of it. I watched her through the windows, and she ran all the way to the end of the platform. She was waving.

What was the BART operator going to do? Stop the train, walk to the back and move the train back into the station so she can get on? I'm surprised she didn't start smacking the train on the side like that lady was doing the other day. Or jump in front of it. Because you know, it wasn't like another train was probably a minute behind ours. Oh no. Ours was the only train this morning.

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