Friday, August 19, 2005

Test...this is a test

By now most of you have heard about the explosion in the financial district / downtown SF. The lights at my work flickered a bit when it happened, but no one knew it happened. 20 minutes later I looked at the news online, and there you go -- explosion in SF. It took over an hour but now we all know what happened, and as my dear momma said over and over, it was "nothing to worry about" (unless you were the lady that got burned -- I'm sure she's got some worries).

I called my husband when I first saw the news and asked him if he had been watching the news at all. He said no. I told him what I knew, so he turned on the TV. At this time, it was just rumored that it was PG&E's fault.

He called me later on and asked if I knew anything else. I said what I knew, he confirmed he heard the same thing. Then he innocently pondered, "I wonder if the SBC girl is okay?"


So you started reading this and thought I was going to complain about the explosion, how it could have affected me, blah blah blah, right? Nope. This is a story about my dear hubby, who has the kindest heart in the world, but sometimes doesn't quite get what he says. My hubby started school this week. Last night he had to introduce himself to someone, so he made a new friend - the SBC girl. They chummed it up, passed stories back and forth about jobs and stuff. She works in SF by SBC, takes BART. Oh hey, he tells her, my wife takes BART too; she writes about her BART stories. He then proceeded to tell her a few of the more memorable ones (mostly dealing with men), to which she told him about how some old man likes to sit next to women and, uh, "pleasure himself." (That got a jaw-dropping, "you're kidding me???!!!" from me -- that would be worse that the crazy lady choking me, I would have to say.) So they're great pals now. My husband can pretty much make friends with anyone being the nice guy that he is (unless you're dumb -- he doesn't like the dumb ones).

So this entry is to express my love for my wonderful hubby and his concern about others, especially the SBC girl who also takes BART and who also works in SF. And to see, yet again, if he's reading my blog because I'm pretty sure he isn't. And I can pretty much guaranty any female reading this is cringing at the thought of their husband showing concern about a perfect female stranger instead of asking his wife how she's doing -- but then, obviously I was okay because I was talking to him on the phone.

When I asked, "What about me?," he said, "But you work closer to BART. She has to walk farther."

Gotta love that fellow.

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