Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yet another bum rusher

There was another person bum rushing the train tonight. The amazing thing was that the doors were already closed and had been closed for a while. Not sure why the train didn't take off as quickly as it normally does, but it didn't.

So here came this man from the escalator, running down the middle of the lines of people, right to the doors of the train, where he stood and stared at them, like through the his super brain power, he was going to force the doors open. He stood, the train stayed and then the train slowly moved out of the station. The man still stood there. Finally, after I guess whatever brain synapse that was going on, he realized the doors weren't going to open for him, that he was, in fact, not special and so he walked away.

I, personally, would feel really stupid if I did that.

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