Thursday, September 01, 2005

Me lady is back!

Remember that kind, kind lady who woke me up? I think she has been avoiding me since then. Not that I blame her. But today she sat next to me. When I noticed through my nap state that someone sat next to me, I took a look.

It was her!

I told myself, Self, do not fall into a deep sleep today and miss your stop. Do not take comfort in the fact that your protector and alarm clock is sitting next to you. More importantly, don't look like a fool.

I was really trying to pay attention to where I was. I now turn my iPod down fairly low so I can hear the station announcements. For some reason, after Oakland, I just wasn't hearing them anymore. When we were at West Oakland, I told myself, Self, you'll soon be in SF. Wake the hell up.

I did wake up. But it was just one of those things -- not because I heard the announcement and not because how the train motion changed while going through the tunnel. We were already at Embarcadero.

I had to act like I was wide awake, and I had planned to keep sleeping right up until the train was just stopping at the station. I didn't want to scare the lady off -- even though she probably thought she was going to have to wake me up. I may need her later on.

When we got to Montgomery, she waited until the train stopped and then got up to let me out.

It was just like old times. Oh, how I missed her.

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