Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mystery solved!

The on-going mystery of how my Jack in the Box Reindeer antenna ball got destroyed has been solved!

One day I noticed it was missing one of its antlers. Then I realized it had little pits all over it. I figured it was a victim of wear and tear because I've had it for almost a year. Or some mean person ripped its antler off. And in my opinion, that's just MEAN.

I was at my parent's house yesterday to drop off and pick up stuff. My dad offered to rinse off my car because it rarely gets washed. Since it became everyone's pin cushion in the BART parking lot, I sorta lost all interest in how it looked. I've got a mighty fine collection of dents and scratches.

I was pointing out all my car's scars to my dad, when he pointed to my reindeer and commented on its sad condition. I pointed to the hood of my car and commented on all the cat paws.

That's when my brilliant papa (as my husband and I call him, but never actually to his face) figured out the mystery behind the antenna ball.

We've got a ton of stray cats at our condo complex (one is currently living with us and is no longer a stray and has turned into a very smart monkey-like kitty who lives in the lap of luxury), and they tend to walk all over my car and others. Since my car is typically covered in dirt and mud streaks, you can really spot those cat paw prints from many feet away.

It wasn't a mean person who destroyed my antenna ball, it was a stray cat who for some reason decided to chew on it. And as my dad put it, "cats sure are stupid -- they'll even eat Styrofoam."
The views about cats expressed in this entry are not of my own.

Mystery solved!

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