Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why didn't I do this sooner?

My internal wireless whatever it's called pretty much died a couple months ago and came back to tease me and just died again. So today I went to Fry's and bought myself a Netgear Wireless PC Card.

What's annoying about this is that I have made pals with our LAN Admin at work (he scratches my back, I scratch his aka I post alerts for him -- OH, if my boss is reading this post, ignore that I just wrote that), and the first time this happened, he asked if I had an internal or external card. I said internal. He gave me a wire connector thing and said I could keep it. Never once did he say to go buy a wireless PC card. I'm an idiot, he should know this. Anyway, the line worked okay until I broke off the little tab that keeps it into the jack in the back of my laptop. So then I just dealt with it by not moving much. And then one day, WHAM! My connection came back on its own. I had a good month or two, but then Friday it died again.

I was over my sis's house on Saturday, and I was talking about it, and her husband pulled out a USB wireless plug thingy and told me to buy one of those. What do you mean? I asked. This is news to me! So I did some research and realized I had a slot for a wireless PC card and I could buy one and then I would be set -- again. So I went to work, told my LAN pal (his nickname is XX, master of all things LAN), and he said yeah, go buy one of those.

So I found some one CNET, sent him the link, and he wrote back and said, Bingo!

I went to Fry's tonight and bought my wireless PC card with 20 buck rebate and couldn't be happier. It sucks being a techie idiot and knowing techie pals who don't steer you the right way when they should. Whatever happened to unsolicited advice???

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