Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cupcake candle

One year I received ten million different candles as xmas gifts from a bunch of different people, mostly from people at work. I guess candles are the choice of most because 1. you don't need to really know the person you're giving it to, and 2. they're cheap. Someone gave me a cupcake candle that actually looked like a real cupcake. It's cute, but it's really not my sort of thing.

So this morning my husband was going through our box of xmas stuff, and he pulled out said cupcake candle and shoved it at me.

"Nooooooo," I whined. "I don't want that!"

"Then why don't you throw it away?" he asked. Like he's one to talk because when he decides he's done with a food item (leftovers, cookies, chips, etc.), instead of throwing it away, he just leaves it in the cupboard or refrigerator until I take care of it. We have a bag of pretzels in our cupboard that he bought -- it's been months now, but since he's "done" with them, he mysteriously doesn't see them anymore. And so they remain.

"Okay," I said and grabbed it.

Then I had a brilliant idea. These type of candles aren't really meant to be lit because they're so nicely decorated and cute and resemble a real thing. But if I don't want it anymore....well, then...I can light it and see what happens when that sucker melts!

I found some matches and lit it right up. Since I was wrapping presents near it, I had to blow it out because that was one massive fire hazard waiting to turn into a gigantic fire. But I will be working on this project for the next few days. I simply cannot wait to see what happens to my melty cupcake candle!

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