Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Malachi Fussyboots wants to be your friend.

I have now begun my quest to create zoesoph friends, and the first friend created was Malachi Fussyboots. I'm in the works of bringing Snicklesnort alive, so make sure you check out my zoesoph shop for her arrival in the next week.

And yes, I misspelled two things in Mr. Fussyboots booklet, but I will fix it before anyone adopts him as their friend. I just need to get my hands on thicker paper....

Let me answer the question of why anyone should adopt one of my zoesoph friends -- basically, not only are you getting a friend that will love you forever and travels easily, but your friend comes with their own story. That gives you a chance to see if your perspective friend fits your personality. Good friend matches are always a plus!

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