Friday, January 13, 2006

Brad and Ed

I was chatting with my sis last night about celebs, celeb sighting and who we love. We both love Brad Pitt, as do most women (and men). I also love Ed Norton. And my favorite movie is Fight Club. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are in Fight Club. I own the DVD. I am lucky.

My sis mentioned that I should put a picture of Brad Pitt on my blog. I asked why. She said because I should write about him.

Well, I don't have that much to say about Brad except that he's the most beautiful man ever in the more "traditional" sense of beauty. Now Ed Norton, on the other hand, he's the complete package -- the body (when he wants it), the personality (okay, I've never talked to him), the looks and a fake widow's peak in the movie 25th Hour. Give me a man with a fake widow's peak any day and I'm one happy gal.

Here's the Brad / Ed picture:

And here's an even better one (meow!)

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