Saturday, January 21, 2006

Smoking the pot

It's always nice to step outside your door when you're walking a friend to their car after a small visit, and your friend says, "Someone's smoking pot out here!"

I said noooo......that can't be.

And then a wall of pot smoke hit me in the face.

Apparently our next door neighbor is a huge pot smoker. And what's even more lovely about this whole scenario is that we all have really heavy fire doors for our front doors. So for smoke to get in or out would be a hard thing to happen. I think. If not, then what's the point of fire doors?

Oh, maybe to keep fires out.

Anyway...I'm allowed a blond moment every so often.


RkBall said...

Maybe he can be weaned off of smoking huge pots, and settle for smoking small pots. Then, once he's down to small pots, maybe down to jars, little jars, shot glasses, and then -- quit!

jmz said...

Perhaps, but the "he" is a "she," and from what my husband tells me, she's an amazon woman and so maybe she needs to be smoking a lot of the pot to get anywhere with the pot smoking.

I've never seen her after 8 months of living here.

It's a pot mystery.