Monday, March 20, 2006

SF Protest

Today was my hubby's first experience with a protest in SF. I've seen plenty of them since the "war" in Iraq began, so I was very not nonplussed about the whole thing.

A communication was sent out Friday regarding the protest, and that it would begin at 7am on Montgomery Street -- our BART station. My hubby forwarded it to me and asked what I wanted to do about it. Me, being the jerk that I usually am, just made light of it saying that we should run for the hills. Eventually I told my husband not to worry about it, nothing's going to happen because of the time. I just didn't see the protestors going nuts at exactly 7am. I'm an old pro at this, you know.

My husband was still a bit excited about the prospect of a riot forming on Market and New Montgomery / Montgomery, enough so that he told a former co-worker that he will be experiencing his first SF protest tomorrow. I quickly said I didn't think we'd see anything. But again, and as usual, I was ignored. Reality is sometimes so less interesting than anticipation.

We arrived today at 7amish (a bit before), and when we got up to the sidewalk, there wasn't much going on except a bunch of cops all over the place.

Oh, and this guy:

He was on our side of Market (in the above picture he's now on the other side where a majority of the protestors were housed). I pointed to him and told my husband, "There's your protest."

Very disappointing outcome if it was only the big puppet guy.

When we continued down New Montgomery, I was admittedly shocked over the amount of cops that were already waiting for something to happen. Even during the biggest "war" protest yet I didn't see as many coppers as I did this morning. And all of them were carrying a big stick to bonk protestors on the head with!


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