Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Me vs. my hubby vs. the mirror

I've mentioned the mirror before. This is the mirror I bought around the beginning of February at Pier One to hang in our dining area so that there's something to look at while eating instead of a blank wall. I thought it was a good idea at the time.

Here is the history of the mirror:

1. Husband declares we need a stud finder before he can put said mirror up.

  • Stud finder purchased a few days later.
  • Stud finder squirrelled away.

2. Weeks later I say I want to put the mirror up (and before anyone says to me: If you wanted it up, why didn't you just do it yourself? I simply can't. The mirror weighs a ton and is too long for me to easily handle by my lonesome. I need muscles.)

  • Stud finder comes out of hiding.
  • I use stud finder to figure out where mirror should go.
  • This annoys husband because he didn't get to use his new toy.
  • I don't like messing around, hence, I took over the stud finding portion of the mirror hanging.
  • Husband declares we don't have the correct type of screws due to suggested length of screws on box.

3. Weeks later we go to Lowes and buy a good supply of screws.

4. Weeks and weeks pass by, and last Sunday I declare I want to hang up the mirror.

  • This will be the first time we've taken the mirror out of the box.
  • We see that the screws have to go in holes, not on a wire or ledge as we both assumed.
  • I have to remeasure the wall to get the mirror centered, which also includes using the stud finder to ensure new holes will be drilled into studs.
  • Tempers begin to flare on the other end of this relationship for reasons I'm still unsure of.
  • I ask a simple question about how high the mirror should go and get my head bitten off.
  • I walk away.
  • Fight ensues.
  • He walks away.
  • I follow.
  • Fight continues.
  • I give up and lay down.
  • Eventually we make up.

5. The mirror is still not up on the wall, and I will be blaming it for the cause of our divorce.

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