Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So It Happens Again

There I am, walking down New Montgomery, amidst two other walkers (I was sorta in the middle of them, definitely not by choice), just passing the local Starbucks. Alone. Did I mention that? Yes, I was alone.

So there I was, heading for the corner to cross the street, then to BART, when WHAM! this short, young, red t-shirted girl siddles up to me and practically yells in my ear, "I know you hate Dick Cheney!"

The first of many thoughts floating through my tired head was, "Who is she talking to?" Then, "Who is Dick Cheney?" (I fully admit I didn't know who Dick Cheney was until 9-11 happened -- I was just blanking today cause I was TIRED). And then, "Dammit! It's happened again! And I was stuck in the midst of others this time, so she definitely was eyeballing me from afar!!!"

By the time the last thought crossed my mind, I was already half-way across the street. I really wanted to turn around, walk back and say, "Oh! You know I hate Dick Cheney! You're psychic! You rock!" But I just didn't have it in me today.

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