Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stupid things we humans do

Everyone loves their cell phones, and they love them even more on BART. Except me. I don't really like to talk on my cell phone in public, but that's another story altogether (I make people play the "guessing game" with me to figure out what I want or why I called).

My husband made a keen observation today. An older man got on the BART train halfway through our commute. He was already talking on his cell phone as he got on the train, and he continued to talk until he got off the train (UC). During his very loud, long and extremely repeatative conversation (I believe the person on the phone was going deaf), he informed everyone in earshot that he was going to out of town this weekend. And how his dog was going to be taken care of.

My husband told me that he was glad to know that the man wouldn't be home for a weekend because then he could rob his house.

"Ah, yes....all you need to do is follow him home," I commented.

The man then said that he may go on another little trip later on, but he wasn't sure.

"There you go -- now you've got two chances," I said.

Then I spoke for the man, as I like to do when we're making fun of people: "And when I get off this train, I'm going to the ATM to pull out some money!"

The man then got up and stood near the doorway. "Hey, look, he does like money," I said. He was carrying Money magazine. "Maybe he does have a lot of dough."

A lady was standing in front of the door, and he was standing behind her. As soon as the doors opened up, he darted in front of her and walked off. That has nothing to do with people talking on their cell phones, but I found it particularly annoying.

Oh, and his dog is staying at a doggy hotel. Just an FYI that fido won't be home to bite.

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