Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What is it about me???

So you've all noticed that I haven't really written much about BART or my walking to and from BART experiences. That mainly stems from the fact that I've been taking BART with my husband since February. He's protecting me from all the weirdness that seems to occur when I'm alone, and he also makes the perfect sitting next to buddy and alarm clock.

Last week my husband decided that he's had enough of working my work schedule, which means he was going to the gym at night, which also means he wasn't getting any sleep at night because of the adrenaline pumping through his body.

So now we've reverted back to our old schedule, which means he still gets up at the same time as I do, but instead of going to work, he goes to the gym, then goes to work. By the time I'm into two hours of my day at work, he's just arriving. By the time I'm about 2 hours into my home time, he's coming home. But at least I'm not eating dinner at 8:30pm anymore (waiting for him to come home from the gym after work).

Today I ended up at work by 6:30am, so I left at 3:30pm (not too shabby in my opinion considering I didn't have to get up any earlier to do this). As I walked up the street to the BART station, I noticed two people planted outside of the local Starbucks (one of about 10 in a 4 block radius). In hand they had some California thing that looked like a license plate. One guy was pointed towards my direction, the other gal was pointed towards Market street. Bad scene all around.

I was already cutting my time extremely close because I left work a bit later than I had planned to, and any distractions whatsoever was going to hinder my one minute chances of getting on the Fremont train I so desired to be on.

So I got my "don't you even think about asking me to stop because I might look young and innocent, I'm not and I'll gladly knock you down if you get in my way" look. The guy eyeballed me but for some reason decided to leave me alone. Phew, I still had it.

I made it past hotel, and was just turning the corner from New Montgomery onto Market, when I had one of those awkward merging moments, and I had to slow down a bit so that a some guy and myself wouldn't bash into each other. I ended up directly on his heels.

I had noticed this man lingering by the wall that protects people from falling down the stairway into the BART station right beforemerging. He didn't have a clipboard or a loud t-shirt on advertising something or some goofy hat...but there was something about him that was just...not...right.

As soon as I passed this man, which means the guy I was trailing already passed him by milliseconds, he came alive and tried to walk with me. It was then I noticed he had a folder in his hand, but it was cleverly disguised as being plain, so who would think he was a lurker waiting in the shadows to pounce on innocent gals trying to go home?

"Excuse me! Can I ask you a question?" he said while he slowly stopped walking and then came to a stop because he realized I was going to completely ignore that fact that he did that. "Gee!!! THANKS!!" he yelled at me.

If I had a dollar for every time someone's yelled something at me because I ignore their pandering....yeah. Let's just leave it at that. The fact that I can say that let alone think it is enough.

There was a huge part of me that wanted to turn around and call him an arsehole (still practicing my lingo for our trip) for thinking I would miss my train just because he had a question that he decided he wanted to ask me and not the guy that walked right in front of him a millisecond before I did. Then I thought of turning around and saying, "Gee! You're welcome! Gu-haw!" like a country bumpkin. I even had a split second thought that maybe he did have a legit question, and what if that happens to my husband and I all the time when we're in the UK and no one will help us? Ah, but see, we're smart, we ask people who are working, not people who are obviously walking a million miles a minute, trying to get home. That made me decide he deserved a tongue lashing, but that would just make me late.

So it comes down to this: I just don't get it. I can go months and months of no one coming out of the woodworks trying to get me to stop to answer stupid questions or to see if I'll go to church with them, but the day I'm walking alone, BAM! I get targeted. And I'm sooooo not the person you want to target. What do I need to do to show this? Granted, he did catch me off guard, so I didn't have my "you better not mess with me, I'm like a rabid dog and I DO NOT GIVE UP" look.

And speaking of not being with my husband, I could have used his alarm clockedness today going home because I almost didn't wake up.

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