Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Baby Touching

Today I was sitting in my chair at work when my friend/fellow team member of my fine working establishment came over so he could help me deflect any weird stares or comments about my budding frame on another floor where, I'm sure some people know about my pregnancy, but not as much as they do on my floor.

When I stood up, he said, "I'm no pervert, but I have to do this."

I kinda thought he was going to do what he was going to do, but I wasn't sure.

As I was saying "what?," he reached over and patted my upper belly.

What makes this scene even more bloggalicious is that my friend M and I were talking about people coming out of nowhere and touching pregnant bellies -- without asking. I said I would probably freak out if it happened to me, but people at work know how I am. Case in point, when someone tells me "congratulations," I quickly mumble, "Idon'tknowwhatyourtalkingabout," and they say, "uh huh." So I figured this belly touching was not going to happen to me.


So there's my friend, patting my upper belly chubs which he thinks is a baby.

I say, rather loudly, "You're rubbing my fat!"

He jumps back, slightly freaked out, and says, "Nooo -- that's not fat, that's your BABY!"

I laugh and tell him that my baby is down below, not up top, and he should really learn some pregnant lady anatomy before he starts patting or rubbing someone's belly. And that he better not go for down below because that's just plain weird.

He thought about it, and then said, "Ewww....I just touched your fat!"

Yes, this is very true.

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