Friday, August 04, 2006

Bizzare-o incident

My husband and I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday because I ate too badly and Zit and I needed the exercise. When we were rounding the corner back onto Cedar, the main street our condo is on, I noticed a car full of guys with one guy in the back seat practically hanging out the door (yes, the door was wide open). Apparently that's a cool thing to do nowadays.

So as we round the corner, the light turned green for the guys in the car, and they slowly drove by my husband and I, and the guy hanging out the door was yelling something at my husband while flipping him off.

I just stared at them because it made no sense and I wasn't even sure he was doing that towards my husband.

Then I asked, "Was that meant for you?"

My husband answered, "I guess so. Five guys in a car against one guy...."

The guys pulled into the parking lot of an office building we were slowly walking by, and I'm pretty sure either parked or pulled out onto the street we just turned from.

It's the first time I realized that just walking down the street where we live could mean life or death. No, no, the guys didn't do anything, but it's more the fact that they pinpointed my husband (who, by the way, was walking with a pregnant chick of all things) for his looks, I'm assuming, since they were all Latin looking, and they could have easily stopped, all got out of the car and tried to beat the crap out of him. And what was I going to do? And what if they had a gun and were thinking my husband was someone else? Who knows?

Luckily they didn't drive by again and nothing happened more than that. It all just seems so stupid since my husband and I are in our 30's, going to have a baby, and have other priorities to deal with and here comes some 20 year-old idiots who want to start something with him. And it also makes me not want to walk around our neighborhood anymore, and maybe even just move in general.

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