Friday, August 25, 2006

Still can't do the math.

I've lost half my brain power now that I'm more pregnant than I was months ago (even that statement seems rather retarded). And I still can't figure out any other method of counting my pregnancy progress other than the good old fashion weeks method. Now I know why people do it that way and especially when they have kids.

This occurred yesterday:

Lady: Oh, Janine, I heard from what's her name (my boss, yet she couldn't remember her name - for real) that you're pregnant. How many more months do you have?

Me, looking perplexed because if I can't even figure out how many months I really I'm, how am I supposed to figure out how many months I have left?

Lady: Well, how far along are you? (After realizing I'm too stupid to figure it out.)

Me: 3.5 months.

Lady: Oh! just the first trimester.

Me, being slightly offended that she put it that way, like the first trimester means nothing yet it means everything! And then I thought, but I'm in my second trimester! What's wrong with this woman?: You mean second trimester.

Lady: No, first...oh, well, 15 days or so, I guess.

Me: Don't downplay my progress.

Lady: Laughs and then quickly walks away.

So later on I was thinking about it, feeling indignant about how people just brush off things that are important to me, and I thought, wait, am I in my second trimester? So I did the math, which came out right, and so I thought I better do it again, so I did. Turns out I am in my first trimester and have yet again made an ass out of myself because I can't do math or figure out other ways of counting my progress other than simple weeks.


Anonymous said...

You are in your 2nd trimester.

jmz said...

Doesn't the 2nd start at the 4th months? Which, by my calculations, and take them for what they're worth, is 16 weeks?

Anonymous said...

13 - 14 weeks is the end of the 1st trimester. Some people say 14 weeks and some 13 weeks. I always went with 12 weeks. Technically, the 1st trimester ends at 13.3 weeks.