Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And I'm going to have a kid...and a boy, no less

Zoe's favorite place to hang out and sleep and sometimes fight with Sophia is on top of our really tall book/vinyl case. To make things worse, there are several 7" vinyl record crates lined up in a row on top of the case, making it that much more tall. My husband and I often contemplate what would happen if Zoe fell off the side of the case, considering she likes to sleep on the last vinyl box, which is about 10" or so from the edge of the case.

Today as I was trying to get an important e-mail out, with my back turned to the case, I heard the scratchings of a cat who sounded like she may be falling off the case. I turned and looked, and there was Zoe, just falling from the case and now hanging from the side of the TV with a look of panic in her eyes. Since I can't move very fast, I didn't even attempt to try to get her off the TV and just watched the poor girl lose her grip and fall to the speaker, which she hit and then landed on the floor, knocking off a metal elephant candle holder and candle we put on the speaker top.

I waited to see what she was going to do before I tried to grab hold of her to see if anything was broken. She ran to the sliding glass door, jumped as high as she could, bashed into it and then ran off yowling. This doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with her, so I got up and tried to get her to come to me, saying her name softly. She kept meowing at me but wouldn't come.

Finally I got hold of her. I took her in our room, gave her a once over and a kiss and let her go. Now I have to spend the rest of the day checking up on her because she probably had a lion's amount of adrenaline in her system and if she is hurt, it's not going to show for a bit.

And this makes me wonder why I'm so happy to have a boy? Perhaps a little dainty girl would have been a better wish. Nah. Boys are the best.

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