Sunday, January 21, 2007

Being tormented

It started yesterday when we were waiting for my sister and Kayla to arrive at our house. The phone rang, I answered it, and there was this weird click and then a man, speaking in monotone Chinese, began talking. My husband asked if it was my sister. I said only if she's learned Chinese and can lower her voice.

The next call was from my sis. My husband went outside to move his car so she could park where he was when the phone rang again. I answered it. It was Mr. Chinese man.

Apparently last night he called again. And today he's called several times. Each time my husband answers the phone and curses out the man, who is just a recording so it doesn't do any good, and then asks if it's star 69, 89, 87 to call a number back. I, being one who doesn't use the phone that often, can't answer him.

I'm not sure why we're being tormented by the Chinese monotone man. We're still being tormented by Kennedy High School calling for Marvin even though I've told two different people from the school that Marvin doesn't belong to our number and they should probably follow-up with him because no messages about his lack of interest in school are getting to his parents. I think I've fended off the Mercury News tormentor by telling him to take us off his list. He said he would and Mercury News has never called again.

Having a phone is fun.

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