Friday, March 30, 2007

Post pregnancy fun

I've been told over and over and over that my hair was going to fall out after I had Mateo. Whatever, big deal, I thought every time someone would tell me that.

The other day I was brushing out my hair and thinking how weirdly thick it felt. I have super thin hair that tends to have a mind of its own, but that day it was laying perfectly flat and my cowlick wasn't apparent, and I was just darn pleased with it.

Today I turned on the blow dryer and my nose was immediately hit with the stench of burning hair. Weird, I thought. I finished blow drying it, grabbed my brush, and brushed a few sections. When I looked at the brush, there was a ton of hair on it -- like someone just cut chunks off my hair and left it sorta laying there for me to brush it out and become slightly freaked out. Like an evil joke on me. Ha, ha.

I pulled it out and looked at it. Darn it, I thought. My stupid hair is falling out. I twisted the clump of hair up into a ball and threw it away. I was afraid to keep brushing, but that was pretty much the worst of it.

So much for having fun, sorta thick hair that lays straight and keeps the cowlicks hidden. Now I'm just wondering if I have a couple of weird bald spots on the back of my head that I can't see.

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