Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stent removal and a little advice

I had my surgery for my stent removal yesterday. One of the questions posed to me before the surgery was what I weighed. I honestly had no idea how much I weighed after having Mateo, so I said that. The nurse asked me to guess. I said I didn't know and that I just had a baby. So she ended up weighing me (yikes! diet time...).

When the anesthesiologist came to talk to me about what he planned on doing, he went over my information, including my height and weight. When he said my weight, he said, "That's a lot."

I was totally taken aback. I looked at my husband and then said, "for me?"

The anesthesiologist said, "Yes."

While I wanted to start crying, I instead sucked it up and said, "I just had a baby 4 weeks ago."

The anesthesiologist said, "Oh. You just had a baby. How much weight did you gain while you were pregnant?"

What the hey? I thought. Why am I all of a sudden getting the third degree about my weight and my pregnancy weight gain 4 weeks after having a baby? I told him 50 lbs or so. He then informed me that that was too much.

Woah. WOAH. What a way to make a new mom feel like a piece of poo. And the sad part of all of this is I barely get to eat when I'm alone with Mateo, and when I do, I'm snarfing the food down just to stop the hunger, get the energy and move on. I don't get to eat to enjoy my food anymore. I eat because I know I have to eat for Mateo's sake.

My husband keeps telling me that the anesthesiologist isn't a "real" doctor, he wasn't the epitome of health himself and he looked slobby. But still.

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