Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh yes, I was verry surprised.

I was putting cans of cat food in our kitchen cabinet this morning when I saw this weird creature in a plastic bag in the corner back of the cabinet. At first my heart stopped because I wasn't sure if it was a living thing or not since it didn't resemble anything I would have put in the cabinet. Then I realized it was in a plastic bag, so if anything, I could grab it by the bag and not the thing itself. And if it ended up moving, I could just throw it as hard as I could and scream really loudly. Low and behold, this is what it was:

It was in a plastic bag, which means it's about a month or month and a half old. I was really impressed with its growth although a bit grossed out from the moldy spot on the side. Who knew I could grow such wonderous things in my cabinets??

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