Sunday, June 24, 2007

I guess that's what I get.

Last night Mateo slept from about 8:30 on without waking once. I'm still on Mateo schedule, so I woke up at 4am wondering what he was doing and if he was okay. So I went into his room and looked at him, and he was sleeping on his belly but having a stuffy nose hard time of breathing. I thought I should just leave him alone and so I went back to bed.

I heard him through the monitor, rustling around and sniffling, so I went back in to check on him. He was still passed out on his belly and still stuffed up.

So me being the new mom that I am, I decided to wake him up and start suctioning the snot out of his nose. He's now learned what the bulb means as well as the bottle of Little Noses (saline spray) -- I'm going to stick something up his nose and make him really mad. As soon as he saw the bulb, he started crying and moving his head around. I proceeded to play the catch Mateo's nostrils game, suctioned out some of the snot in one nostril while he was crying and squealing, until I got what I could out of his nose. I decided to forgo the Little Noses because it was way too early to begin torturing him. Instead, I thought it would be a good idea to feed him since he hadn't eaten since 7:30-8pm the night before.

Mateo ate like he was starving, and when he was finished, I put him over my shoulder to burp him. He burped. Then a rumbly noise started in his belly, he burped again, and all the milk he just took down came right back up. I had visions of The Exorcist and pea soup, wondering when his demon was going to start talking to me. "You, you stupid new mom who wakes up her sleeping child to suction snot out of his nose -- this is what you get!!!"

I put him down on my lap to clean off his face and then put him on the changing pad to take off his PJs, which were soaked. I felt a wetness on my butt, so I looked down, and it looked like I had just peed my pants. My shorts were soaked and my t-shirt had milk all over it on the front. I quickly went over to the chair and realized the chair was also soaked where my wet butt would have been and on the arm of the chair.

I went back over to Mateo to clean him off and stuck him in the crib so I could go and fetch my glasses so I could see what I was doing. My husband was awake because of all the yowling from the nose suctioning, and I told him what happened, so he came in to help me clean up.

When we went back into his room, Mateo gave us one of his big, toothless, cheesy smiles, indicating that everything was a-okay on his part, but that this meant he now was going to weasel his way into bed with us since he and I were wide awake and would need a half an hour or more to find our way back to slumber land.

So. New mom lesson learned #1004: When your baby is sleeping, even if he's got a stuffy nose, leave him alone. He'll wake up on his own, either because he's done sleeping or because he's hungry. And if his nose is really a problem, he'll let you know that too. Babies are funny that way.

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