Thursday, June 21, 2007

I might not do much, but boy I am tired.

So yesterday I think all the getting up during the night, getting up super early each day, going to work in SF, taking care of Mateo, myself and husband (oh yeah, and them pesky cats) finally caught up with me. I was extremely tired the whole day, and no matter how much coffee I pumped into my body, I couldn't shake off the tiredness.

When my husband got home, I kept saying how tired I was, that I was super tired, why am I so tired??? After we all ate, I took Mateo into his room to read to him and then put him to sleep. An hour later, my husband came into the room to find me and Mateo passed out in the glider.

My husband told me to put him down and to take my shower. I put Mateo down in the crib, went into our room, saw it was almost 8:45 and promptly put myself to bed -- still clothed, with make-up on and contacts in and teeth sill waiting to be brushed. My husband came in and looked at me and I guess decided it was better to leave me alone than to try to get me up.

At 9:30ish I woke up again and decided I had to at least take out my contacts, wash my face and brush my teeth before really retiring for the night. Usually eating dinner gets left in the wind when I have crazy nights, but last night, I decided I didn't need a shower. It not like I did much to make myself dirty. And since I was working at home the next day, well, I just didn't really care.

So in my super tired zombie state, I got up and took care of the important things and then put myself to bed again. During the time I entered Mateo's room until the time I last put myself to sleep, I kept thinking I didn't get my dessert and how sad that was. No Skinny Cow for me last night. Dessert is mighty important, don't you know?

And what was the first thing my husband asked me this morning when he came back from the gym? "Did you take your shower?" Get off of it! I'm stinky and I don't care!

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