Friday, July 20, 2007

Earthquake hits east bay! Donuts knocked awry!

I'm currently taking a class in SF on Flash, a lovely software that I'm eager to start using. When I left at lunch time, I headed a different way out of the building lobby, which happens to pass by the guard station. The guard station has one of those black signs where you insert white letters to create words. As I walked by it, I noticed it had important news regarding the earthquake that hit this morning (which, by the way, I was awake for, but did not feel). I caught:

Quake knocks donuts....

I figured it said something like, "...on the ground and got them all dirty with glass shards..." or better yet, "...through the air and kills patrons...," but I missed the end since I wasn't expecting to see such a sign and was already way passed it and didn't want to look silly by walking back to read it.

When I walked back in, after walking around for a bit, I made a point to walk by the sign again. I read the remainder of the sign:

"...awry. Mayor states...."

As I was reading the sign, and contemplating whipping out my cell phone to take a quick picture (even though I still haven't bought a cord to transfer pictures from my cell phone to my computer, but this would probably cause me to do so), the guard, who was obviously bored, I'm assuming, because he made a sign about the donuts said "hi" to me. Darn.

Not only could I now not take a picture at this point, but since he said "hi" to me, his guard instincts were probably kicking in and he probably took a mental photo of me, so when I left, I couldn't try to sneak a picture.

But alas, I'm glad to know that donuts were knocked awry. Those poor donuts, being the only victims of today's earthquake. Sad, sad donuts.

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