Sunday, August 12, 2007

Laughing is so not a good thing.

Riding BART and laughing apparently don't mix.

My husband and I have taken BART together about 4 times or so since I went back to work, and during those times, we both enjoyed watching The Flight of the Conchords on his lovely and very colorful video iPod. Unfortunately, this show is really funny, well, to us, at least, and so while we watch it, we both tend to laugh. It's much easier to laugh outloud with you're laughing outloud with someone else who is laughing outloud. It's also easier to laugh outloud by yourself when you're sitting next to someone you know than when you're alone, although I've been known to laugh outloud when I am by myself, and you'd think that would be annoying because there you are, all alone, and laughing, and no one's sure why and you don't have someone to turn to and say, "hey, this is sooooo funny, read this part!" but really, people tend to deal with solo laughter better than coupled laughter for some reason. I guess it's just easier to ignore. Sorta like when a crazy lady is attacking someone on BART or when someone is obviously about to blow chunks all over the BART train floor. People will slyly look up with one eye, but quickly look away because there is no way they're going to get involved, hell no, no way.

So the other day we were watching the show during the morning commute, which I fully admit is the worst time to do any sort of fun and frolicking because people are tired and grumpy and just want to sleep, but since I hardly take BART with my husband and he's the one with the video iPod and not me (mine is old and tired and a bit possessed at this point from being corrupted so many times not to mention it's in color), I was going to watch it and that's that.

I was really tired that morning, so while I found many parts of the show funny, I never really laughed. My husband was, however. And at some point, something did happen that was really funny, so we both started laughing. That's when the lady sitting in front of my husband decided to turn her head to the side and give us a dirty look and then she sighed heavily before returning to her book.

The thing that really gets me about her doing this is that there was a man and a woman standing in the aisle right next to her, having a normal-volume conversation. Why is that not annoying and why didn't they get a dirty look? Or maybe they did, since we were behind her, I wouldn't really know. But if two people are having a fun time and laughing, then this creates all kinds of annoyances for people. Are they feeling self-conscious? That we're laughing about them? Really, how often does that happen outside of situations where you know the person you're laughing at?

There was another time when we were going home, and during the home commute almost anything is okay to do because while people are tired, they're also wound up from the day, and I let out a huge laugh because of the show, and I scared the crap out of some men near us.

And because embedding is so fun, watch this!

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