Thursday, August 02, 2007


I've had some stupid sleep issues for years now, but since Mateo's arrival and my lack of consistent sleep throughout the night, I haven't had too many issues lately. Generally, I wake up and either start freaking out or start talking about nothing to no one. Sometimes I've been known to get up and wonder around, but not very far. Luckily I've never actually left. But I'm sure some day I will. I just hope I don't try to take Mateo with me.

I've had a slight cold off and on for a couple of weeks now, and last night I took one sleepy Tylenol (that's what I call it) and a half dose of NyQuil. At about 9pm I was having the hardest time keeping my eyes open, so I decided it was time to pass out. And so I did.

My husband had gone to the gym late that evening, so he was awake much later than I was. At some point before he came to bed, I guess I opened my eyes and started staring at the wall / ceiling. This apparently freaked out my husband and he asked me what I was looking at. While I don't remember that, I do remember at some point realizing he was talking to me, and me ignoring him because I was so freaked out at what I was looking at. Which was a big, giant, ugly tarantula. Yes. A tarantula. On our ceiling. And since I can't see worth a darn without my glasses or contacts, I was trying to squint really hard so I could focus on the tarantula and where it was crawling.

Then I realized my husband was asking me what I was looking at and then he was telling me to lay back down and nothing was there.

I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, he was right nothing was there.

Cue the spooky horror music. I love my brain.

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