Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I need to lose weight. Like yesterday.

Pregnancy has done me no wonders and I still have yet to lose any weight after the intial Mateo minus placenta minus water minus blood minus whatever else needed to vacate my body after birth. I was told over and over and over that breastfeeding would help me lose weight. I'm not sure how that was going to happen cause I breastfed for 7 months, and will continue until I dry out (almost there...), and so far, nothing.

And, well, the final straw was when I was nursing Mateo, who, after a point, was just sucking for comfort, decided he wasn't quite finished, so as he was laying on my lap while I was trying to close up shop, he lifted up his head cecause he still wanted to comfort himself, and he latched onto my belly chub.


I think that's a good indication that I need to lose weight. Like, now. Like, pronto. Like, no more sweets, chocolate, fried foods, ice cream, etc..

Perhaps a bout of public shame will encourage me to stick to my diet.

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