Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Baby proofing...

I've already wrote about my dislike towards baby proofing and how I'd rather be doing a bazillion other things than spending my time screwing in latches and tucking away wires. Well, that was the first and last weekend we baby proofed. Then, well, Mateo decided he wanted to crawl, and well, yeah, we had to finish.

After my husband told my co-worker that we were basically finished with baby proofing except putting up two more gates, I realized that unless I finished the baby proofing, no baby proofing would occur. That is, until Mateo totally hurt himself by opening a drawer or cabinet door and knocking something on his head.

(Side note: Last Saturday I asked my husband to watch Mateo for tops 5 minutes while I used the bathroom. Mateo was in his room, which is fairly harmless, but does still need to be tidied up for his safety. To seconds after I closed the bathroom door, I heard a crash and then a loud wail. When I went back in, I found out that Mateo had pulled all this stuff off of the bookcase and onto his head. Hmmm.)

So I spent a good chunk of Sunday sweating up a storm in the kitchen, screwing in latches on all the doors and drawers while my husband took Mateo off for a visit. Granted, I told my husband to do this, but still, the point being, I finished it.

Now today when my husband was in the kitchen, putting dishes away, he asked me, "Is this broken? Why do some work and some don't?"

He was talking about the latches.

I ignored him.

A minute or two passed by.

"Did you hear me?" he asked.

I nodded.

"So that's it? Are you going to say something? Are they broken?"

"This is what I'm going to say. I spent most of my Sunday screwing in latch after latch after latch, and now I'm feeling like you're criticizing me about how I installed them, and because of that, no, I'm not going to answer you and I'm going to ignore you. If you don't like how I did it, you can change it, but you better do it quickly."

He got the point. He no longer asked me if they were broken. And by the way, they aren't. I just opened the door he had a hard time opening, and you just have to push the latch down a bit. I'm sure I could have done a better job, but I was hot and sick of baby proofing, and the point is that Mateo can't get into the cabinets now, and if we, as adults, can't figure it out either, then that's our problem.

I guaranty that the latches will not be changed.

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