Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Something is seriously wrong with me.

I'm so unlike my normal self. Usually during this time of year, when I get hit up to buy gifts for families in need, I bah hum bug it and say no. Yesterday I was told our "adopt-a-family" has a 2-week old, and because of that, I decided I was going to buy them diapers and bottles and underwear.

Then last night, we were watching ER from two weeks ago. The one where Abby loses her marbles, dips into the drink, has sex with that bald doctor guy, and the goes home to then turn around and drag her child to the airport. The whole premise of her actions is that she's missing her husband, who is in Croatia. But still. Come on. Anyway, I found it all terribly sad and wanted to cry. Then, before I could fast forward, there was a news clip of a bird covered in oil from the big oil spill in the SF bay. That made me sad. As I started to fast forward, there were two puppies being shown. So I rewound it, and it was about some man selling sick puppies. That made me sad.

At this point, after repeatedly saying, "that's soooo saaaad," my husband snickered at me.

Then I went into Mateo's room to take a dirty bottle out, and he looked so peaceful and cute, and that made me sad because he's slowly moving away from being a baby.

Hormones, anyone?

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