Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Friday on BART.

Last weekend there was a fire at the BART yard that then caused the BART folks to decide to eliminate the train going to Richmond (for once, my goodness, how many times do people going to SF have to transfer? it's about time the Richmond people suffer), and this topped with the heatwave (people passing out, trains passing out), has caused BART to be no fun at all this week. No fun at all.

I left work at 4:30, pretty much knowing it was going to be a mess for some reason, and low and behold, I was correct. The trains were all running late. So what would normally be a sorta kinda full train turned into a cattle car.

I was first in line on my side; some tall skinny man was first on his side. He, of course, being male and young and having nothing wrong with him, had to dart onto the train and get the first available and easy to get to seat. I was next, so I head to to back, where there were what looked to be two free window seats.

I usually avoid sitting in the back row because stinky homeless people tend to live back there, leaving their stink and funk and garbage. But when there is no where else to sit, I'll succumb to the ick.

Both guys sitting in the back rows were in aisle seats. I turned to the one on my left and said, "Excuse me," while gesturing to the window seat. That's when I saw he had fifty bags piled up in the seat next to him and on the ground.


To show my disgust with him, I waved my arm down at him and said "ugh!"

I turned to the guy on the right, who should have known he was my next "excuse me" victim, and he too had a bag on the seat next to him.

Come on, people! It's the busiest time on BART and you really think it's okay to do that??? Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, you're all dumb, dumb, dumb!

He actually got up for me, and so I actually got to sit down. The only complaint I have about sitting next to him was that he had slight BO, and every time he'd lift his arms up to adjust his newspaper, I'd get hit in the face with his stink.

At the next station another lady tried to sit down next to the guy with 50 bags, but he just smiled and gestured towards his bags like, "well, as you can certainly see, I have 50 bags in this seat, so you, my dear, cannot actually sit down." She glared at him.

The young man who rushed onto the train to get a seat before anyone else never once gave it up for anyone, even these two ladies who, I'd like to think were doing this to make a point, but probably not, were sitting in the aisle.

It's pretty amazing.

Actually what amazed me more was that neither lady stood up to get out of people's way when they were trying to leave the train.

Just another fun Friday evening in extremely hot weather while on BART.

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