Friday, May 16, 2008

Damn thee, asthma!

Mateo went to his 15-month well check yesterday, and all this coughing and huffy puffiness is due to asthma, which is what I figured, but I'm no doc, so there wasn't much I could do.

Ah, but never fear! We have an action plan!

I also found out that that night Mateo almost threw up on my head while I was sleeping on the floor next to his crib I should have taken him to the ER.

I swear, when women decide to get pregnant, they really need to read over the rules. One of them is that the mom guilt is nonstop, a constant and never ending. My mom guilt seems to revolve around my child's heath, which I think it is worse than anything else since I'm fully responsible in taking care of him and making sure he LIVES.

Ah, but it's all good. Cause we have an ACTION PLAN!

Speaking on being responsible, the daycare ladies didn't let Mateo or any other child out yesterday due to the excessive heat. I did, however, get quite the earful of excuses and reasons about the day before. Something about crying or not crying was the determining factor that it wasn't the heat on the day he did go out side and turn bright red from overheating.

But then I found out he wasn't given his two sippy cups of milk during the day, and was only given the first of the two right when I came to pick him up (real smart, daycare ladies). So one whole sippy cup of milk was lost because Mateo had his doc appointment to go to and since it was almost 100 degrees yesterday, and the milk had to sit in the car....yeah, you can figure what happened.

Today when I drop off Mateo, I'm going to stress again that he can't go outside and they need to actually give him his milk. But now I fear they won't feed him or change his diaper or just completely ignore him because I won't be writing down that they should be doing these things.

Ah, the life of working parents.

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