Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mateo makes his first choice.

I really shouldn't say it's his first choice because I give him about 4-5 different bits of food to eat for lunch and dinner, and he makes the decision if he's eating everything or some.

However, the incident that occurred today really weirded me out. Why? Because my baby is turning into a...ssshhhhh...kid.

It makes me shudder.

Even though we planned to keep him in all day because of the Santa Cruz mountains burning and all the smoke and ick floating to our neck of the woods, Mateo had other plans and turned into a grumpasaurus after his nap and pretty much demanded to go outside. He sat and tried to put his own shoes on, and when my husband mentioned the word "outside," Mateo got up and ran to the gate and whined like the grumpy grumpasaurus he's been lately.

I was "resting" (okay, okay, NAPPING) and was woken up by Dad and grumpasaurus tag along. I was informed grumpy wanted to go outside, so I told Dad to go take a shower and I'd occupy Mr. Grumpy Grumpers.

When my husband was finished showering, I took Mateo into his room to get him changed for the weirdly cold May weather (sans smokey smell, according to my husband, and all I can do is believe him since I won't be going outside today). When I sat him down to put his gym shoes on, which I had grabbed, Mateo stood up, said "neeeeeeeehhhhhh!" (no), and grabbed his converses.

So I told him if that's what he wanted to wear, then okay, converses it is. I also let him know that it was going to take a bit to get them on his feet and tied up. I figured the grumpasaurus would rear its ugly head again because it doesn't seem to have any patience, but he sat patiently as I got them on and tied them up.

He decided which shoes he was wearing. He has never made an indication about what he wants to wear.

What's next? Cell phone?

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Mom, Grandma, Coach said...

Cell phone - NO, iPod - YES!