Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's far.

Happy Mom's Day to all the Moms I know. Hope your day was good.

My Mom's far:

Mateo coughed all night with many wake-ups. Since I pass out way earlier than my husband, and he got up more than I did (I think...I'm too sleep deprived to remember at this point), when Mateo woke up at 5am, I got up instead of him because he didn't get enough sleep. Plus, if anyone's taking a nap today, that would be me and not him.

Basically this means I didn't get to sleep in with Missy Sophia, be presented with my steaming cup of coffee and Mom's Day cards and possible gift(s). I also didn't get to go to the Zoo, like I wanted, because I love animals and Mateo's never been to the Zoo, and what better thing to do on Mom's Day?

Instead, I got up at 5am, as mentioned above, fought falling asleep on the couch while Mateo milled around the living room, causing havoc as he went (which is probably the reason why I didn't just pass out), cleaned three poopy diapers, received many hugs, watched the last half of Split Ends and then all of Peter Perfect, which is actually a good show although a bit of a rip off of the Food Network's Restaurant Makeover but featuring people makeovers as well.

By the time Peter Perfect came on, my husband rolled out of bed. He very casually grabbed Mateo, grabbed his work back and announced offhandedly that he had to get his "medicine." Uh huh. Momma didn't raise no dummy.

Low and behold, a few minutes later, here comes Mateo holding two cards, and attempting to eat one. He finally walked over to me, and after a tugging match, I got both cards from him. Dad's card to me was very nice. Mateo's card to me was just as nice, signed by Mateo with help from Dad, and included a gift card to Macy's.

The Macy's gift card is for my Dr. Marten shoes because there is no way my husband could have bought me the shoes without my feet being there too. And, of course, Macy's is having a buy one pair of shoes, get another pair half off, so I'm dying to go and look at their shoe selection. I'm going to wait til I'm at work so I can go to a bigger Macy's with a bigger selection. Watch out world.

After eating a tasty bagel breakfast sandwich and drinking a Starbucks drink, we all headed into Mateo's room for some goofiness. Then my husband told me to go take a nap. So I did.

When I woke up, I cleaned one of our bathrooms.

Amazingly, it's only 1ish and I have way more of this day to go. Who knows what is ahead of me?


Anonymous said...

I know you are sleep deprived, but check your spelling.

Your former Editor

jmz said...

Done. So mean.