Saturday, May 10, 2008

Say it like it is, did I say?

One thing about taking public transportation almost every day is is you begin to realize how we, as human, just don't care about each other. I admit, I do this most times myself because I just really don't want to be bothered and I tend to attract sucker on-ers who won't leave me alone and all I want to be is left alone. But there are two things I will always do, one sparked more from my pregnancy than out of kindness (and, as we all know, I'm not kind, at least my friends don't think so - thanks, friends!), and one out of just being considerate and polite.

The first thing I will do is give up my seat for an older person, handicapped person or pregnant person. I will not bum rush the train for a seat if I know there are others trying to get on that probably should be sitting down more than me, and I definitely will not try to get to a recently vacated seat on a cattle car train because that fight just isn't worth it.

Interestingly enough, on Friday, I gave up my seat for an older gentleman with a cane. And, even more interesting, I got to sit back down almost immediately, without fighting any men for the empty seat.

So there I was, reading away. The bench next to me was perpendicular to my bench. A man sat in the window seat, the aisle seat was occupied by a young lady with a suitcase blocking the aisle (another pet peeve -- if you plan on taking a train, sit somewhere where you're not blocking everything!), two bags on her lap, and she was reading a book.

At some point, the man next to the window needed to get off the train. So what does this girl do? She leans ever so slightly into the aisle, not attempting to make much room for him to get out into the aisle. In order to do so, he had the almost push his groin into my face. This, I did not appreciate, but I knew it was her fault and not his.

I rolled my eyes and huffed but let it go.

Never once did she looked up from her book, but she did make some noise indicating displeasure of having to move.

There was an older man standing, and he decided to sit down in the vacated window seat. I thought, okay, after what happened last time, this girl will at least attempt to get up and get out of the way, and who cares about your f-ing bags and your stupid book, just get up, you lazy jerk of a person.

What does she do? She leans ever so slightly into the aisle.

I was pissed. You just don't do these sorts of things to people! Especially older people who could possible fall on top of me! I will always get up and get out of the way, no matter how many bags I'm totting. It's just common courtesy. I would give her more leeway if she was old or crippled or pregnant, but she was visibly none of these things.

"You can stand up and not be so rude," I said and probably really loudly since I was listening to my music and I tend to talk loudly regardless.

She started spouting off stuff at me, but, as I've said, I couldn't hear anyone's voice because of my music. And I realized that this was really the best way to go when you want to tell someone what an inconsiderate idiot they are. I ignored her, she eventually went back to reading, and when the man wanted to get off the train, she did her same thing, leaned ever so slightly into the aisle.

As the people behind her wanted to move forward, she would move her suitcase blocking the aisle ever so slightly as well.

Obviously the world revolved around her. Obviously I didn't realize this. And even more obvious, she hasn't met my 15-month old who KNOWS the world revolves around him.

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