Friday, June 13, 2008

Naked is never a smart idea.

I undressed Mateo because 1. I thought he pooped, and 2. he needed to get in his PJs. He didn't poop, contrary to the smells emanating from his bottom, and he was being so goofy while naked, I let him run around his room naked and free. He was doing some jiggly dances, flashing his Daddy, and having an all around good time.

A few minutes passed and I kept asking him (he listens well, he does, that angel) to come over to me so I could put his diaper and PJs on. He had other ideas (I told you he listens well, really really well) and stood by the baby gate, shaking his chubby butt. I kept asking him to come to me. He kept ignoring me.

Then I said he better not pee.

That's when he looked down, and that's when I saw the stream.

So yes, letting your 16-month old run around naked is never a good idea. Even those who, um, listen well.

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