Friday, July 04, 2008

Another company on my list.


DHL sucks.

DHL leaves packages just about anywhere except with the person they should be delivering too.

Yesterday I kept checking the status of delivery on my AC Adapter. At 12:06pm DHL updated their site saying it was delivered and a C Chan signed for it. There isn't a C Chan on my floor, however, there is one on the 8th floor. Instead of trying to figure out of she (she being 'C Chan') signed for my package and had it, or calling the admin on that floor to see if he had it because she didn't know who I was and decided to dump my package on him, I convinced myself that my package was now with the mail hub in Fremont and I wouldn't get it until Monday.

It's funny how we can convince ourselves of things so we don't have to be disappointed.

Since yesterday was the day before the 4th, I decided to leave early because my husband was leaving early. Early for me means a whopping 15 minutes early (in case my boss is reading this...).

My husband called me to say he was coming over to my desk at about 3:10pm.

At about 3:11pm, the admin from the 8th floor showed up at my desk and handed me my two packages (one holding a power cord, the other holding the actual adapter).

"You just made my weekend!" I yelled. "I knew they got delivered, but I didn't know who had them!"

"Oh...they just left them in the hallway downstairs," he told me.

"Thank you for bringing them to me!!!" I yelled some more, clutching my packages to my chest.

He looked at me like I lost it.

"Well I'm glad I made your weekend," he said as he walked away.

I grabbed my stuff and met my husband as he was walking towards my desk.

"Look what I have!! They left them downstairs!!!"

My husband grumbled about how stupid DHL is, which they are, and we left.

Now that the joy of actually get my packages has diminished, and I got to post a million pictures of Mateo and make a Grumpasaurus t-shirt last night, this morning I'm feeling rather perturbed with DHL and their delivery practices.

Why do they not care if packages actually get to the correct person? The address label clearly stated 11th floor. Not 8th floor. My name and phone number were on the label as well. I've hated DHL for some time now, and now I'm hating them even more. And I hate Dell for using DHL as their shipper.

Dell. DHL. Devils. Demons. Die!

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