Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I might not be a hater, but I sure am snarky.

Seems my little ol' post way down there has went and caused a big old uproar with the internet peeps.

After careful consideration, and much, much badgering from random people (wish I had such a posse, man oh man, the country we live in would soon turn to NutNutastan where only my friends and I would have a voice), I decided to rewrite my original post where I linked to a certain product on a certain web site.

Why? Cause I'm a hater snarky.

Why give someone publicity? I mean, I just got a whole mess of hits last night because of that one post, albeit hits from people who know the person whom I linked to or know of this person, so on the flip side that person gave me a lot of publicity. Just think if the direct link to my post wasn't blasted on Twitter - my hit count would be so much lower and every blog owner loves the hits.

Now, I'm a reasonable person and mature person. And I actually emailed the person, explaining myself, offering the peace pipe and hoping this person would understand that, ultimately, this is my blog, and, much like a diary, it can be a stream of consciousness sort of thing, and well, when you're dead tired from being up since 3:50 AM and having to work all day and then take care of a very unhappy toddler most of the evening, and you've got a brain full of 1o bazillion thoughts and ideas but you have to take care of the very unhappy toddler because dear husband is out drinking beers, you're just not going to be as clear as you'd like to.

And I could have taken care of the complete misunderstanding on this person's part where this person thought I was accusing her of stealing my or other people's ideas (hello, carnival theme?) if this person had contacted me, even publicly, to ask for clarification. Instead, things were assumed, my url was blasted on Twitter (I'm still getting the hits from it - thanks!), and her posse of protectors and friends posted their comments about the post, which are now deleted because I'm simply not going to stand for that sort of thing.

This is my personal NutNutastan and I am dictactor! Here me roar!

So hater, I am not. Snarky, yes. Jealous? Not really. Offended? Of what. Apologetic? Not after the responses and comments I've received. Especially when I was informed by this person that this person has no control over what other people say, yet this person thanked everyone who participated in blasting me and told them they will get cookies. (I'd prefer money, myself. Cookies just make you fat, and I know fat, oh yes I do.)

I'm not in High School and I don't play the bully games.

As the old saying goes, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It's unreasonable to think every single person will cheerlead your work and will only have positive things to say. And if attacking someone who didn't even say something negative just because you're a tad sensitive, annoyed and can't take any amount of criticism is the way you want to show your professionalism, then more power to you.

And you, you know who you are. You and your 60 friends. Twitter that.