Sunday, August 03, 2008

New things.

So even though this past week has been pretty rough on us all, I did manage to learn a few new things about my baby boy:

1. He's loud. He's A-bomb loud. Loud as all get out. LOUD. And he likes to demonstrate his loud abilities when we're in a very quiet store, such as the Hallmark store, by screeching and screaming over not much of anything and causing the Hallmark lady to find us in the aisles of cards to see if I am trying to hide the fact that I was pinching him. Nope, no pinching. He's just loud.

2. He's making more decisions and finding the fact that I ask him and understand what he does want when given choices simply something to be tickled about. Since he wasn't eating much of anything these past 5 days, I would show him is favorite foods and ask him if he wanted it, to which, most of the times, he'd shake his head and say a curt "No." When I gave him three choices of TV shows to watch, he chose Little Einsteins by giving me a big grunt and smile. He's got a good handle on "no," but has yet to learn "yes." Although I think "moooorrr" is really "yes" to him.

3. When he's sick, he doesn't get he's sick and turns into a big giant booger butt who for some reason wants to suffocate our tiny cat Zoe. I know it's boredom and frustration and just not feeling well, but man can that kid really push his luck. I secretly wish Zoe would bat him a good one to teach him a lesson, but she's just about the most patient cat to ever exist (or stupid) and never retaliates Mateo's attacks.

4. He understands "do you want to go to bed?" and "do you want to go to sleep?" because whenever I say that during one of his attacks on Zoe, he'll promptly shake his head no. Of course he doesn't want to go to bed! He wants to kill Zoe! Don't you see???!

So basically, we're getting to the point where we're actually communicating with each other. And even though I get lots of head shakes and "no's!," I think it's pretty darn neat.

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Kmommy said...

It is pretty awesome when they finally reach that point. :) It seems like it takes forever. Then when you have to start spelling out tons of stuff.... ;)