Thursday, August 28, 2008

So here I sit.

I sit waiting for my husband to get to work so he'll answer my email about where the screwdriver is that I left on the nightstand because I need it to install my new refurbished laptop keyboard. (Thanks, Dell, you sneaky jerks!)

Without fail, my squirrelly husband swooped in and moved my stuff again. He decided he wanted to change a taillight in our car last night, and I'm thinking, but really hoping not, that the one screwdriver I need is in the car. It's 8:40 am and already hot as hades outside, and I don't want to have to walk out to the parking lot to retrieve the screwdriver that should have never left its spot.

Squirrelly husband strikes again.


Kmommy said...

LOL!! I can't ever find *one* of the ten billion screw drivers we have... even the one in my "girly tool set" goes missing all the time!

Kmommy said...

re: ps
You rock!!