Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And this is why you need a live teacher in front of you.

First of all, our teacher was late.

Second of all, he walked in pretty much teaching us. As in, opening the door, talking, walking to board and writing.

So that was nice of him, I thought.

Third of all, he has a neck tattoo. I LOVE neck tattoos. You could be fairly ugly (but not completely) and if you have a neck tattoo (especially on the side), then yoza, I'm hooked. I'm also very fond of the half and full sleeve. While my husband has tattoos, I will not allow him to get a neck tattoo or tattooed anywhere on his arms that can't be easily hidden (and long sleeves every day is really not an option for him much less anyone else, in my opinion), so when I see a guy with neck tattoos or who is sleeved, meow!

So yeah, that was nice too.

Fourth of all, he was funny as all get out. He introduced me to the term "pimping my class," as in, students trying to take the teacher role away from him.

Fifth of all, he started of saying "friggin'" and then moved on to "f***ing," much to his own surprise.

Sixth of all, he managed not to offend any of us ladies with his swearing. At some point he moved back onto "friggin'."

Seventh of all, when he came back from lunch, he must have forgotten that the second screen in front of us was showing us his screen, and he began to read and send e-mails. I never looked. I wanted to look, don't get me wrong, but I didn't. When other people came back from lunch and told him, he said he didn't care and his girlfriend was asking if he wanted to sunbathe nude.

And eighth of all (I'm really sorry I started this), there truly is a difference between having a real, live person telling you things in lieu of reading what someone has had time to think and rethink about (I'm talking about that online class).

All in all, a live teacher brings much humor to the day, something to look at (yoza), and, if this person is interesting, makes the class experience a good one. And, bonus, I am actually learning a lot. I almost feel the fool that I couldn't figure out most of it myself, but I tell you, going from Illustrator to Photoshop was really hard for my brain.

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Kmommy said...

LOL! Hilarious! What an experience. Love how he surprised himself with f***ing! What a riot!