Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caller ID doesn't always work, or how I was FOOLED.

I previously wrote about all the stupid calls I get when I'm working from home, how I have to answer the phone since my work line is forwarded to my home line, and how I was thinking about getting caller ID and then did.

So it's been pretty darn wonderful, I have to tell you. And we get many random calls that make no sense based on the name on the phone screen, so we don't answer and are living a much more peaceful life.

In particular, I don't have to listen to my husband exclaim, "BASTARDS!" every time we get a phony phone call.

It's lovely.

And Mateo doesn't need to learn the word "bastard" right now.

I am working at home today. Early the phone rang, so I got up to see whose name was showing on the screen. It listed my work's name. I turned my music down. I clicked the phone on. I heard a recorded voice message already in progress telling me about my car warranty ending. I looked at the screen again. It still said my work's name on it.

I hung up. I looked at the last call name. Work's name.

I thought about it. And thought some more. And I then I told my husband that the car warranty people are part of our company. And this made no sense whatsoever because we never bought a car through my company. They had nothing to do with it at all. Except that they paid me and that allowed me to pay our car loan.

But then I realized something. If the car warranty people are calling my work number, which then goes to my home number, the caller ID is going to show my work's name and not the car warranty people's name, a reality that really stinks, because while I don't get many junk calls at work, I do get some, and obviously the car warranty one is one of them, and this explains why they left me a voicemail at work - they were never calling my home number - they were always calling my work number!!

Oh yeah, Sherlock Holmes has got nothing on me.

And I wonder how my child gets his smarts.

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Kmommy said...

Oh man! That sucks! Kind of makes the caller ID somewhat useless!