Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hummus among us.

Since I recently found out about Mateo's love for hummus and all kinds of hummus at that (in other words, not just the plain old hummusy hummus), we've been buying hummus week after week after week. Last weekend I bought a quartet of hummus from Trader Joe's, which included the following flavors:

  • Spicy (he's had this)
  • Tomato and basil (heaven on a chickpea)
  • Garlic (not so tasty)
  • and plain (always good in a pinch)

Mateo liked them all, but was more partial to the spicy and tomato/basil variety. I had to agree.

Really, this post should be on Fatty's blog, but it's a mixture between Mateo, my weirdness, and dieting, so I'm sticking it here.

Here goes the diet and weirdness since I've already covered Mateo.

Today I began my diet for the 100th time, so I'm counting my calories like a good Fatty McGoo should. For lunch I decided to have veggie egg rolls from Trader Joe's because they are low in calories and fat and taste darn good fresh from the microwave. I wanted a little something more with it, but with what I had planned to eat for dinner, and figuring in some nibbles while Mateo ate his dinner, plus what I already ate for breakfast (Whole Grain Cheerios, thank you very much), I didn't want to go too nuts. While two egg rolls might not sound like a lot, believe me, I'm not hurting any in the stored fat department. Plus I wasn't too hungry; I just wanted a little more than my two egg rolls. Bad habits, I suppose.

I looked in the cabinet, which was filled with tons of canned products and Mateo food, nothing I could waste my calories on. I looked in the fridge, my eye made a beeline for the 5-layer bean dip we bought for Mateo because he was grubbing on the samples at Trader Joe's, I told my eye to keep on moving, and it landed on the quartet o' hummus.

Hmmm...I thought. I wonder?

So I took it out, spooned a serving onto my plate, dunked my egg roll into the hummus (the tomato/basil hummus, if you must know), and plopped it into my mouth.

How tasty is that concoction? Well, I'll have you know, it's darn tasty. So tasty, in fact, now my brain is telling me (the evil part of my brain): Eat another egg roll, better yet, just go finish the hummus...go eat...EEEAAAATTTT, eat the huuuummmmmuuuuusss!

I'm trying to ignore it. There's also a giant candy bar in the cabinet my husband bought a few months ago when I was craving chocolate. Yet I never ate it. Which is odd for me.

I digress. Back to odd food combos or triplets.

Another favorite combo, and I have my husband to thank for this one: Movie popcorn and jalapenos from the hot dog condiment counter. And eggs and refried beans (which isn't that odd, but again, I give credit to my husband for this combo, so it's not something I had until we moved in together). Another odd one: Beer and anything sweet. I also used to eat bread with just mayo on it.

Mateo? He likes his hummus with bits of pita bread or Gerber Crunchies. And sometimes he goes all out and does a full finger dip.

What are your favorite odd food combos or triplets?


Kmommy said...

Mmmm I love hummus! But popcorn and jalapenos? Not sure about that one. Popcorn and chocolate (either m&ms or jr mints) is awesome!
BTW I left an award for you on my blog and I also tagged you for a meme...

Nut Nut said...

I love popcorn and chocolate too. Sweet and salty. I swear, the jalapeno and popcorn sounds odd, but it's really good if you like hot peppers.