Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, I take it back.

Maybe it's because I said I was a Democrat, I'm not sure, and the assumption is that I'm voting for Obama, but ever since I used that site to get the paperwork for re-registering as a voter, I've been getting nothing but email after email about Obama and voting and this and that, and I'm heading on back to my email account right now to opt out from further emails because while politics is all fun and games and interesting and grand and whatever, I really don't want to get 5 emails a day (or less) about Obama. Or voting. Or elections. Leave me be!

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Kmommy said...

Oh same here! Quit with the emails already!! I just hope they'll stop come the day after the election.

BTW: Thanks for the click through on Amazon! I so plan on ordering the new David Sedaris book through yours soon! I should be getting that shirt from tomorrow!