Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wonders never cease.

My husband came home tonight huffing and puffing about pie and how hard it is to buy a pie (apparently very hard at Safeway, so hard, in fact, he had to call me to discuss what type of pie to purchase), and how he had to go to Trader Joe's to get a pie, and pie this and pie that.

If you must know, I requested he bring a pie home because I was making a tasty roast chicken and this Parmesan potato thing and I was feeling holiday-ish, which was one of the things I planned on doing during my week off - making a holiday-ish meal - and what ends a holiday-ish meal? PIE! Besides all that, I just like pie.

He paused during his pie rant and said, "OH! Guess who was outside the BART station when I got home?"

I gave him my question mark look.

"Dummy #1 and Dummy #2," he said smugly.

I gave him another question mark look.

"The two cops that gave me a ticket!" he told me.

"Ahhh...," I said.

The short of it all is this: The two cops that harassed him and gave him a ticket last week for barging through the BART ticket gates stopped him to tell him he could throw away his ticket. Turns out that gate terminal my husband went through was having problems for a few hours - trapping people and taking fare off tickets but buzzing like that didn't happen. So yeah, he could, um, just throw away his ticket, and oh yeah, sorry about that.

"What?" I said. "No way."

He said it seemed like they were waiting for people so they could tell them to throw away their tickets (or maybe they were just waiting for him - who knows).

So yes, maybe the world isn't that horrible. Or maybe someone complained about the two cops acting the fool, harassing people and giving out tickets. And maybe, just maybe, after the second or third time the gate buzzed to say "HEY! SOME ONE'S BUSTING THROUGH WITHOUT PAYING!!" it dawned on the cops that perhaps people really weren't trying to bust through the gates and maybe something was wrong with the gate, and then they decided to verify that with the station agent instead of pissing people off.


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