Monday, October 20, 2008

For reals?

This just happened.

Husband: Do you think you can clean the shower tomorrow or do you want me to do it tonight?

Me: I'll do it.

Husband: For reals - reals?

Me: No, in pretend land reals.


Kmommy said...


Me: did you vacuum? (obviously since the vacuum is in middle of kitchen)
Hus: Yeah. It only took like 2 minutes.
Me: Oh really? Just two minutes?
Hus: Yep.

What I felt like saying? How long does it take to put the vacuum away??

I left you another award on my blog ;)

Kmommy said...

Me again ;) Forgot to mention that I finally started reading the David Sedaris book! It is very David Sedaris = Hilarious!!
And I'm clicking through your widget again because I just discovered that the Barenaked Ladies made a children's CD - me and hubby are big Barenaked Ladies fans (well, we have one CD, but we really like it) and were were just listening to some of it at amazon - it's too funny! It's called Snack Time.